(CNN) — Stipe Miocic defeated Daniel Cormier from the UFC 241 major event Saturday night to become the heavyweight champion.
For several rounds it seemed like Miocic might lose his next successive struggle against Cormier, the defending heavyweight champ. Cormier conquer on him UFC 226 in July 2018, knocking him out in the initial round.
But this period Miocic staged a comeback in the fourth round, delivering several body shots and straight back blows to Cormier’s mind which ended in a match to reclaim the title.
«He’s an incredible fighter,» Miocic stated of his competition at a post-fight news conference. «He makes people feel uneasy in the slightest. He did that for the first two rounds but then I began to get my bearings. I saw down him and I thought,’Ok this is where I take action now.'»
Before losing to Cormier this past calendar year, Miocic, 35, had been the first UFC heavyweight champion to defend the title three times.
Cormier, 40, the very first and sole UFC fighter to defend titles in two weight classes, has triumphed that Saturday’s fight might be his final.
«Everybody asks about [retirement], however, that’s what happens if you turn 40,» Cormier told CNN on Thursday. «I feel good. I wanna get through this weekend, then I’ll sit with my loved ones, and we are going to figure out what’s going on. It is a thing . Father time catches up to everybody.»

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